Effective June 1, 2021: Phabricator is no longer actively maintained.

Discuss. Plan. Code. Review. Test.

Every application your project needs, all in one tool.

Pre-Commit Code Review

Review others' code with Differential, because they can't be trusted.

  • Shows code so you can look at it.
  • Leave helpful comments and anecdotes.
  • Challenge the intern's test plan.
  • Gently place bad code back in the author's queue.
  • Here's an example revision: D13641

Supports Git, Mercurial, and SVN

Host Git, Mercurial, and Subversion repositories with Diffusion, or connect an existing repository elsewhere.

  • Can host repositories locally.
  • Observe repositories hosted elsewhere.
  • Publish any repository to mirrors.
  • Proxy a repository for reading from another source.
  • Scale to multiple servers.

Audit Source Code

Phabricator supports post-commit auditing, either as a primary workflow or, when coupled with Herald, allows rule based triggers to get an extra set of eyes on your code.

  • When used with pre-commit code review, provides additional coverage where it matters to you most.
  • If you can't review, cover what you can with Audit.
  • Use Herald to trigger audits on whatever phase the moon is in.
  • Learn more about Review vs. Audit

Customizable Task Management

Plan features, track bugs, and award tokens. Maniphest lets you customize input forms, use custom fields, and has a rich API.

  • Keeps track of lots of bugs.
  • You can assign them to people.
  • Maybe you could fix them, eventually. (optional)
  • Build unique task forms for every department.
  • For example, look at this feature in Phabricator itself: T6526

Write Things Down

You can write things down and revert them later with Phriction, which is a document wiki.

  • You can write text.
  • That text stays there.
  • You can read it later.
  • You can make text purple. Purple text resolves conflicts!

Workboards and Sprints

Use sophisticated drag and drop to make sure your project is properly micro managed with Workboards.

  • Grab ahold of tasks, literally.
  • Place them in confusing, new orders.
  • Make a column just for interns!
  • Ignore the backlog forever.

Chat Channels

With Conpherence keeping up with where your team is having lunch is just a few clicks away.

  • Chat with coworkers
  • about work.
  • Like Slack, but nowhere as good.
  • Seriously, Slack is way better.

Business Rules

As your company scales, keep track of activity with Herald, which notifies you when things you care about happen (like a specific file being changed).

  • Write business rules.
  • Everyone loves business rules.
  • Keep an eye on suspicious new hires.
  • Warns you about plotting and scheming.
  • Build triggers on tasks, commits, revisions, and more.

Command Line Tools

The arcanist command line tool gives you CLI access to most of Phabricator's functionality.

  • Runs lint and unit tests before code review.
  • Emits patches that usually auto-apply.
  • Runs on Linux, Mac OS X
  • Also "runs" on Windows.


The Conduit API allows you to write scripts that interact with Phabricator over an HTTP JSON API.

  • Is an interface.
  • For application programming.